The Three P’s of Digital Marketing that Going to Revolutionize the Online Marketing Platform

With the exponential rise in digital consumption, one can easily say that online marketing is going to overthrow direct marketing in the coming years. Marketers have divided consumers into three types. The first type of consumer is considered as digital sophisticates, comprising the top class consumers with high-income levels and superior consumption preferences.

The second type of consumer is called Digital Enthusiasts. They come with a complex persona and are among those early adopters of the internet who started accessing content before 2016. These consumers have come a long way embracing younger millennials and Generation Z consumers. Lastly, marketers also have to address those users whose digital usage is limited to messaging and free bundled-contents.

Each niche regardless of its size holds the capacity to attract massive business opportunities. Considering the opulent growth in the digital user base, we can expect to segregate users via multiple socio-economic profiles, preferences, and patterns of consumption. Besides the global market presence, regional marketing has also emerged as a massive marketing strategy for companies.  

Digital citizens are divided into various factors like age, income, language, gender, etc. However, they are not the only measuring parameters. Marketers also have to consider factors like consumers’ device choice, reliability, if they want to transact online, etc.

The Three P’s of Digital Marketing

Digital Media runs 24X7 and marketers have access to a large number of channels to establish engagement with their customers. As marketers, you should make it your aim to organically create a platform that allows like-minded users to gather together. Some bigger brands are switching to Over the Top (OTT) marketing, which is a great way to market your products while staying with the company’s values.

Digital Marketers need to pay focus on performance marketing of an advertising campaign, whether your only aim is to receive clicks or want to run a 360-degree strategy where marketers track the journey of a consumer, from the point of awareness till the purchase. Return of Investment in Digital advertising is getting critical due to ad fraud incidents.

Marketers shouldn’t forget about digital privacy in their quest for monetization. Undeniably, you have to prioritize performance marketing, which requires collecting large scale and accurate consumers’ data. As consumers are using Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and GPS as combined, it gives a great opportunity for marketers to monitor physical movements, which is considered as a massive threat to privacy.