Top Game-Changing Digital Marketing Trends of 2020

Somethings are easier said than done. The phrase is highly applicable in digital marketing, where marketers show you the stars while keeping you in dark. 

Trends, technology, customer behavior, search engine algorithms- everything changes with time and we have no choice, but to adapt them.

Video marketing took over social media- the demand for influencers goes up- Textual contents were replaced with interactive contents- It all happened within one year. 

Since 2020 is not far away, we have compiled a list of digital trends that are gaining traction and going to achieve a predominant position in the coming year.

Top Digital Marketing Trends of 2020

1. Personalization
More than eighty percent of customers agree to purchase a product that offers a personalized experience. We can say that the idea of mass production is not diluted, but customers are more likely to sway to the direction where they feel their priorities are being addressed.

2. Smart Bidding
Smart Bidding is a part of automated bidding strategies that uses machine learning to optimize conversions or conversion value. It is going to be a norm in Google Ads in 2020.

3. Interactive Contents
Passive contents offer a conversion rate of 36% whereas interactive contents can provide a whopping conversion of 70 percent. Apart from posting regular content, posting interactive contents make it more approachable and personal by introducing polls, quizzes, 360-degree videos, etc.

4. Social Messaging
Brands have already started communicating with customers through social messaging apps. The trend is going to stay and grow in 2020. Since it allows customers to connect directly with businesses, it helps businesses to establish a sense of trust among customers.

5. Voice Search
Voice search holds the key to the future. More than 55 percent of households are expected to purchase voice-controlled smart speakers by 2022. When that happens, it can change the whole game of search engine optimization. Voice search is great for local businesses to tap the opportunity.


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