Google Finally Rolled Out Its Final Core Update on June 8

It almost took 5 days but finally, the core update of Google is completed. The update started on Monday 3rd June and took 5 days to complete. Eventually, on June 8, Google’s Danny Sullivan confirms the completion of the core update over social media. 

The prolonged procedure of core update by Google is quite plausible, considering the presence of a significant amount of Google's servers and data centers across the world. Compared to the previous update period (which sometimes take weeks or months to finish), five days doesn’t seem that of a hassle. 

Analysts across the world are busy assembling data from various sources to analyze the effect of the new change.  However, according to Abinash Pradhan, Founder, Pro Digital Mind, "The impact of the update is questionable as Google still hasn’t released any concrete data related to the update".

What is more surprising is the new diversity update of Google, which was simultaneously updated with the Core Update. While the date of the core update ranged between 3rd to 8th June 2019, the Diversity Update happened between 4th June to 6th June.

Mr. Pradhan believes the overlapping of these updates will hinder the analytic tracking procedure by SEO Analysts. The credible way to track the increase and decreases of traffic is through analyzing the statistics between the first date of the core update, and the last date of the update. But the overlap of update changed the game for analysts as the process become more complicated.

“Drops in traffics and SERP is expected, but the matter will be resolved within a few days. It seems challenging, but that doesn’t stop skilled SEOs from delivering the task”, says Mr. Pradhan.