The New Google June 2019 Core Search Algorithm Leaves Many Website Publishers Perplexed

Google launched its new algorithm this Monday on 3rd June 2019, which left many website Publishers including Daily Mail perplexed. The subtle evidence of algorithm change was going on since the last week of May, as many SEO Analysts witness a sudden drop and rise of traffic on various websites.

SEO Specialists of Digital Marketing Company, Pro Digital Mind- Purnima Priyadarsini says, “I saw a huge spike in SERP of a website I was working on, but when I checked it 24 hours later, the ranking had dropped significantly. I have to execute some modifications in my SEO Strategies and thankfully the traffic is improving”.

This is not the only case, most SEO based Forums were flooded with related posts. Losing more than 40% of its daily search traffic, the SEO director of Daily Mail even seeks helps at Google’s Help Forums. On the contrary, many sites like Mirror, HuffPost witnessed massive gains in Search visibility.

The new rollout is unclear and still in the initial phase. Most traffic drop is still not improved till now but SEO analysts across the world trying to find the reason behind these spikes and drops. It’s no doubt the updates of Google’s algorithms happen frequently, but this time it seems to hit a vital cord.

Some also saw some changes on June 2nd as the Google Bot Traffic almost vanished for a couple of hours and return to normal once again. According to previous data, the pattern of loss and gain of traffic is random. While The Daily Mail loses 43% of Search Visibility, websites from the UK like The Sun, Metro and Mirror gained traffic on the other hand.

Top SEO Analysts believe the new algorithm is Google is targeted on Ads, the speed of the site, contents and so on”.