Internet of Thing(IoT): Explained in Simple Terms

If you are here, that means you too are tired of finding a simple explanation of a term you been searching for hours. Isn’t it frustrating when you search the internet for a decent solution but rather end up with complicated answers? Such issues mostly happen when you search for an easier explanation for a technical term.

Today we will discuss ‘IoT’ or 'Internet of things'. 

I guess you have already scoured the internet for a lucid explanation but ends up scratching your head.

What is Internet of Things?
Let’s split the term into 'internet' and 'things'.
Right now you are reading the post because your device (mobile, laptop, or iPad, etc) is connected to the internet. However, things were not so easy before. Do you remember the time when a cellphone was only used for calling and texting?

Things have exponentially transformed over the years and this is just the beginning. The introduction of smartphones changed the way you use your cellphone. Now you can watch a movie, listen to songs, read books, video chat with friends and do all the unthinkable activities which you had never thought of in your wildest dreams. It’s all become possible due to the arrival of the internet. When we connect it to our cellphone, it leads to the innovation of smartphones. The same law applies to smart tv, smartwatch, home automation systems, etc.

If we integrate the internet to a thing, then it creates extravagant technological innovations. I hope now you get the core idea behind the term ‘Internet of Things’.

So Why It Matters?
The internet empowers a thing to send and receive information. When a thing possesses the capability to send/receive information, it becomes 'smart'.

Now let’s take one more example. If you want to watch ‘Stranger Things’ in your laptop, then all you have to do is open your Netflix app or browser and seamlessly access your desired content. Just because you can watch it, that doesn’t mean you really have those files in your laptop’s storage. Actually, the files are stored somewhere else, but you can watch it because your laptop sends information to the source and receive the information from there.
You can still watch an unlimited number of series or movies, even though the storage capacity inside your laptop is super low. By connecting your laptop to the internet, you are connecting it to a super storage device.

IoT facilitates a promising platform for businesses and peoples, guiding them to bring out the best in everything. We are surrounded by a lot of elements whose potential is still need to be uncovered. 

IoT promotes connectivity between people and the world, paving a way for a higher purpose.