What is Organic Social Media Marketing and How to Use it to your Business’s Advantage?

From foods to personal care, the word organic follows everywhere you go. Now the idea of organic marketing is also gaining massive attractions over the last couple of years. When it comes to organic products, people might have their own version of opinions, but the idea behind organic marketing is pretty clear- building a community of loyal followers.

Unlike paid marketing, organic marketing doesn’t require any monetary investment. All it requires is unique marketing skills and rest can be done with free tools and services. In this marketing, you have to use social media platforms to establish your online presence and reach out to customers through content posting and constant interactions.

Is it better than paid marketing?
Well, if you are looking for faster and short-term goals, then paid marketing may suit your need. Conversely, organic marketing is comparatively slower but great for enhancing brand visibility and accumulating loyal customers. In paid marketing, all you have to do is display your ads to target customers, but here you have to constantly stay in touch with your customers, answers their queries and try to employ healthy conversations about your brand.

In simple terms, Organic marketing, although takes time, ensures more sales and attracts long-terms clients.

Create Timeless Contents
Try to post contents which matters even after a long time. Most marketers make the mistake of posting contents relevant to their products and services only. Soon your consumers will start getting bored on seeing repeated posts. The idea is to post three random and trendy contents with every one product/service-oriented post.

Use Emojis and Hashtags
Emojis are the new vocabulary of online platforms. It is a great way to invoke engagement and humanize your brand. Hashtags are platform dependent. For example- you need only a good hashtag to generate 21 per cent engagement on Twitter. Meanwhile, Instagram posts do well with 10+ hashtags and Facebook posts are better off without any hashtag.

Creating memes relevant to current events have the potential to go viral overnight. The key is to have a team of good graphic designers and writers. Then you are set to break barriers in customer engagement.