Apple Is All Set to Host a Special Event on December 2: What We Know

December 2 is going to be a surprise for apple lovers. Those who don't know, Apple is all set to host a special event in New York City. Although no official announcement has been made by Apple, thing tends to leak out anyway. This time it happens through a tweet when one invitee twitted out the event along with the fact that he has also been invited to the event.

Is Apple going to launch new hardware?

No, the chances are almost negligible because all the main hardware for 2019 has already been revealed. It's just been a week of Apple announcing its MacBook Pro 16in model to the press. Also, in October, they give a small peek to their new wireless headphones and Air Pods Pro in the last week of October.

The invitations were sent out to invitees this week with an Apple’s Store Logo on it. As mentioned in the invitation, the event is in honor of apple’s favorite apps and games of 2019. It can’t be a coincidence that the event is getting hosted at the same time in which Apple usually announces its end-of-the-year apps and games. So, we can guess that Apple is going to celebrate its popular games and apps in the event, which hold a popular position in the app store.

An event exclusively dedicated to apps & games is quite something new in Apple’s history. It is expected that Apple will dedicate this event to software and the people responsible for it, as similar as it does at 'hardware' events. It could also be a sign that Apple is paying more focus on its services which is getting quite popular in the Apple-verse.

Can you see it?

Maybe. Because apple often live-stream all its events on event-specific websites. This September it live-streamed an event on YouTube. 

As of now, the streaming link for the December 2 event is not available on the official event page. All apple-lovers can do is to wait and see.